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We're the first of our kind

Atelier Japan is the modern, bespoke boutique for the discerning international consumer. Atelier Japan powerfully encapsulates an ancient artisanal past that is articulated for the modern audience. Japanese culture is synonymous with meticulous design, strong work ethic, and a focus placed on aesthetic brilliance. We are a place desired by the consumer who keen to the quality of life, a place for those that wish to own the unique, handmade beauty of Japanese design. At Atelier Japan we create authentic Japanese products for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Our Makers

Our makers have stood the stead of time. They have prevailed among huge global disturbances and are still unwilling to go backwards. We champion this aim to be the resilient partner of the digital age. Our makers have taken care and time to create the authentic Japanese products for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


We offer free delivery to anywhere in the world. Please feel free to order those authentic specialities from Japan.


When you've placed your order, our team in Japan collect your goods and send them directly to our dispatching team in the United Kingdom, whom will complete their final quality assurance checks and your order will then be on its way to you.


Our expert traditional Makers in Japan have never sold their products officailly outside of their country. Their products are officially available on the Atelier Japan store.


When you order from the Atelier-Japan store, you're directly supporting the culture / their spirits that have kept traditional Japanese craft alive for centuries.