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An earthen Satsuma Watermarked Incense Burner Ware Flowers was painted and gilt flowers carefully by hand.

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An earthen Satsuma Watermarked Incense Burner Ware Flowers was painted by a careful hand and has precise brush strokes to ensure that it is of high quality.


In 1919, the founder of Yozan was attracted to the mesh pattern of the Awata yaki, so much so that he began manufacturing Kyo-Satsuma in the Higashiyama Ward of Kyoto City. Since then, Ogawayozan have devoted themselves to crafting this intricately designed pottery. Kyo-Satsuma has become well renowned across many different countries in forms such as vases, teapots, and decorative dishes. In Japan, Kyo-Satsuma pottery is highly desirable for tea ceremonies and burning traditional incense. In 1993, the second generation Yozan was awarded the honour of being named Traditional Industrial Excellence Engineer by the Governor of Kyoto. Shortly after, in 1996, the third generation Yozan was certified as a successor to Kyoto’s crafts technology.


Our products are basically for the interior.

So, when you wipe the dust and dirt of the product, please gently wipe it with soft gauze.

If you rub it strongly, it is likely to take away the gold of the Iroe(=paint) part.

How to use ※For Bowl etc

Please soak our products in lukewarm water before use, and use it to include moisture in the dough beforehand, it becomes difficult to stain, etc. Our pottery is water absorbent, and if you leave the dirt absorbed with the moisture, it causes mold to occur. 

After use, please rinse it with clean water and dry it well before storing it.

How to look after our crafts

<About our Iroe(=paint) Pattern>

Please do not use our ceramic with gold and silver paint in the equipment which becomes high temperature such as a microwave oven.It may cause the glaze to melt out or paint to be peeled off.Our gold and silver paint can be oxidized and discolored over time.If it is blackened, beauty will be revived if it is gently polished with a special polishing agent or eraser. Please avoid using bleach.

<Notes on the use of earthen Satsuma ware>

It may be damaged by a sudden change in temperature such as pouring hot water or putting them on a flame.Please do not rub strongly with a cleanser or a nylon scourer with abrasives. It causes the gold to scar or scratch the surface.

Additional information

Dimensions 8.6 × 8.6 × 11.5 cm