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  • hand fan Sakura by Ryu Seiho

    Sensu Hand fan | Sakura Cherry Blossom

    This traditional hand fan Sakura by Ryu Seiho has been made by one of our expert makers in Japan using traditional techniques that have been passed down by the maker's ancestors to ensure the same making techniques are passed down through the generations and the ways do not change.


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  • Sakura sensu Hand Fan

    Sensu Hand fan | Petty Pink Sakura

    Sakura which is the national flower of Japan can grow in white and also a pretty pink but it only stays for a short while during the spring on the trees of Japan which makes the season where all the trees are covered in it even more special and appreciated. With this piece being one of our best sellers get yours today as limited stock is available.


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  • Hand fan for interior pine tree

    Sensu Hand fan | Pine Tree on Gold

    Komaruya’s golden style hand fan includes a pine tree design using gold leaf paper to create and is painted by Hamada Taisuke who is a well-known Japanese artist. The Hand fan for interior pine tree is a beautiful addition to anyone’s home and can be paired with one of Atelier Japan’s stunning collection of fan hangers that you can even hand two at a time onto.As well as the Hand fan for interior pine tree you might want to pair this with one of the festival fans to make a perfect duo.


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  • hand fan Sakura on gold

    Sensu Hand fan | Sakura in Gold

    This particular traditional Japanese fan has been crafted by the most talented makers and gold leaf is used for the background of the folding fan and has been painted on by Hamada Taisuke. The hand fan Sakura on gold is a stunning piece that can be hung on a wall in your home using one of our stands. The hand fan Sakura on gold is a very luxury piece that has had a long amount of time gone into the craft of it.


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  • Hand fan Sakura

    Sensu Hand fan | Sakura & Mt.Fuji

    Komaruya’s authentic beautiful hand fan with a Sakura & Mt.Fuji design is made by Hamada Taisuke who is a well-known painter in Japan, using the picture of Mt Fuji paints a traditional picture in your mind. This stunning hand fan from Atelier Japan has been handcrafted for you to enjoy in your home.



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  • hand fan pop flower

    Sensu Hand fan | Pop flower

    Komaruya’s modern style of authentic hand fan using the pop flower design, adding an array of different colours that will catch your eye on the beautifully crisp background. This particular hand fan pop flower fan has been crafted from the materials plastic and paper that is painted on to create the stunning picture.



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  • Black Hand Fan

    Sensu Hand fan | Flower on Black

    This modern style of black colour folding hand fan has been painted by Kuroda Maho who focuses on this particular design of painting and would pair perfectly with the black fan hanger. The Black Hand Fan has been made using different paper to the other fans and has been beautifully painted on by one of our makers. The Black Hand Fan is also suitable for general use if you use it carefully. The fiery yellow contrasts perfectly with the deep black of the base of the traditional Japanese fan.

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