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  • inlay fretwork pendant

    Inlay Fretwork Pendant | Sakura-PENDANT-

    This inlay fretwork pendant features a traditional Sakura design that is synonymous with Japan as a widely recognised symbol of its nature. ZINLAY used their full inlay(damascene) authentic skill for handcrafting this. Order yours to add this beautiful representation of modern on traditional design to your style and compatible with any outfit.


    not rated £309.99
  • Shippo Pattern Necklace

    Traditionally, Shippo symbolize the seven tresure in Japan. The seven treasure(Gold / Silver / Pearls / Agate / Crystal / Coral / Lapis Lazuri) bring hapiness to your life. This is a good fortune pattern with wishes such as perfection, harmony, and rims in this pattern where the circles are linked forever. In addition, human relationships and connections are also patterns that show that they have the same value as cloisonne.

    not rated £249.99
  • Yukiwa Pattern Necklace

    Yukiwa shows the shape of snow crystal. Traditionally, it was said that falling snow would bring about good harvest and was a symbol of good luck. It is very beautiful and has a handle that shows strength.

    not rated £227.99
  • inlay reversible drop pendant

    Inlay Reversible Drop Pendant | Sakura-PENDANT

    This inlay reversible drop pendant with its delicate Sakura flower design is a piece that it is suitable for any and all occasions. Inlay(damascene) skill has been preserved since 7 century in Japan.
    The contrasting pure silver and gold work together for a unique style and contains different parts such as silver and gold.


    not rated £116.55
  • inlay rectangle pendant

    Inlay Rectangle Pendant | Ginkgyo-PENDANT

    This gorgeous inlay rectangle pendant features a Ginkgyo design. The pendant is crafted with both pure silver and gold elements, creating a stunning finish.


    not rated £45.99