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  • Traditional Fan Display

    Traditional Fan Display Stand

    Lacquered Display Tool – Perfect for showcasing traditional Japanese fans within the home or at work. This Traditional Fan Display Stand has been handcrafted to perfection using the highest quality of materials to ensure that you are getting the most luxury product possible. This traditional fan hanger has been coated with a beautiful layer of lacquer to ensure that this fan hanger lasts as long as possible.



    not rated £59.99
  • Fan Display Stand | Bamboo

    This bamboo Fan Display stand has been created for you to showcase your exquisite, traditional Japanese fan and create a beautiful display within the home. This Fan Display has been crafted using the finest bamboo to ensure that it is strong enough to hold the stunning handcrafted fans. This traditional Japanese fan display is one of our best sellers so do not hesitate to purchase yours to match perfectly with your beautiful fan hanging on it.


    not rated £32.99