These earrings bring the new style of Japanese tradition to you. Each set perfectly combines traditional patterns with modern art. We hope you feel the gentle breeze from Japan.

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  • triangle earrings

    Inlay Italian Style Triangle Earrings | Gold & Silver Dots-EARRINGS

    These triangle earrings bring together modern Italian style with traditional Japanese craftsmanship in an eye-catching piece. We are using pure gold and silver on the plate. and this is light, so this won’t be bothered you. Order yours to add this beautiful representation of traditional and modern design to your style.


    not rated £116.55
  • chrysanthemum earrings

    Inlay Gold & Silver Earrings | Chrysanthemum-EARRINGS

    These chrysanthemum earrings have been crafted using ancient Japanese techniques. Shaped to resemble a chrysanthemum, each earring features a ginkgyo design. Chrysanthemum “Kiku” is an auspicious flower which is used for Japanese emperor family crest historically and believed it as life extension. No matter the occasion, this piece will add a statement to any outfit.


    not rated £69.99