Unique and sophisticated handmade cufflinks from Japan. Every flower has a unique meaning, they are believed to bring happiness, success and a long life.

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  • pine tree cuffs

    Inlay Gold & Silver Cufflinks | Pine Tree-CUFFS

    These pine tree cuffs have been expertly crafted using pure gold and silver elements to bring this sentiment to you. In Japan, the pine tree is a symbol of prosperity. These beautiful cufflinks would make a perfect gift or a nice gesture to someone special, having been perfectly handcrafted in Kyoto by one of our talented makers they are very unique and of high value.


    not rated £72.99
  • iris cuff

    Inlay Cufflinks | Iris-CUFFS-

    This inlay iris cuff is expertly handcrafted using centuries of experience. Ayame(Iris) is one of the Japanese traditional original flowers. and it’s been a symbol of love, hope and wisdom. This is truly one of a kind and is only worthy of the most special owners.


    not rated £72.99