Each bracelet demonstrates some of the techniques and design that are a speciality of Japanese craft. The modern style of each bracelet sits perfectly alongside centuries-old techniques.

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  • inlay bangle

    Inlay Bangle | Cloisonne style-BANGLE

    This inlay bangle is made from Pure gold and Silver and stainless. This pattern(Shippou) symbolizes affluence, prosperity, and the nobility of status. This piece is completely different to any of the other jewellery on Atelier Japan and is, therefore, one of our best sellers.

    Since ancient times, various techniques of inlay crafts have been used around the world. Originating from Damascus in Syria, it is said that the techniques of metal inlay crafts traveled along the Silk Road and reached Japan around the Asuka period (592-710).

    Inlay crafts were initially used in creating weapons or utensils for religious ceremonies. One of the earliest examples of inlay techniques can be found on the ancient samurai sword Shichisei-ken, held at the Shitennoji Temple in Osaka. Here, intricate inlay decoration can be seen on both the blade and the end of the handle of this large sword. Another example can be found at the Shosoin Imperial Repository in Nara where a sword with gold inlay has been carefully preserved. At Yakushiji Temple in Nara, important symbolic Buddhist patterns are inlaid onto the palms and feet of their main Buddhist statue. Zinlay is a family business that is bringing this beautiful ancient technique to the modern world.

    Our expert traditional Makers in Japan have never sold their products officially outside of their country. Their products are officially available on the Atelier Japan store.

    Our makers have stood the stead of time. They have prevailed among huge global disturbances and are still unwilling to go backwards. We champion this aim to be the resilient partner of the digital age.

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  • inlay leather bracelet

    Inlay Leather Bracelet | Japanese Checkered Pattern-BRACELET

    This inlay leather bracelet has been made using both pure gold and silver elements. The geometric, angular design creates a completely original look and this traditional pattern has been used as the logo of the Olympic games.


    not rated £309.99
  • inlay chain bracelet

    Inlay Chain Bracelet | Japanese Checkered Pattern-BRACELET

    This inlay chain bracelet is made of Pure Gold, Silver and also Stainless steel. This is a very expertly and dainty piece that looks elegant when worn. Japanese checkered pattern is one of the most famous traditional patterns in Japan. This is used for the Olympic game’s logo too.


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