Feel the warm breeze of Japan’s spring with the delicate design of each cutlery rest that brings Japan’s nature to each place setting.

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  • cutlery rest Large Sakura

    Kyoto Pottery Cutlery Rest Large | Sakura-HASHIOKI

    Each cutlery rest Large Sakura assimilates a true symbol of Japan, its beautiful cherry blossom. The gold accents within the design gently uplift and reflect the pink tones.
    This wide is perfect for, surely chopsticks, spoons, forks and knives. These cutlery rests Large Sakura are perfect for any table setting.


    not rated £25.55
  • Kyoto Pottery Cutlery Rest Sakura

    Kyoto Pottery Cutlery Rest | Sakura-HASHIOKI

    This Kyoto Pottery Cutlery Rest Sakura is designed to resemble the warm summer breezes in Japan, each cutlery rest is carefully finished for a delicate addition to each table setting.
    Hope you enjoy your mealtime with this. A beautiful addition to any table this Kyoto Pottery Cutlery Rest Sakura has been beautifully handcrafted in the stunning shape of the Japanese national flower the Sakura.


    not rated £15.55