This earthen Satsuma ware is crafted and painted by hand on Sake bottle and cups.
You can enjoy any liqueur for your relaxing time. Please take them into your life.

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  • Satsuma Sake Set Ware

    Satsuma Sake Set Ware | SHUKI Set

    This Satsuma Sake Set Ware is assorted for the relaxing time for all.
    Just looking is fine, surely you can use them when you drink sake or any drink.
    You can find the specific handcrafted design on this set. Please decorate your special table and time with this.

    not rated £303.99
  • Satsuma Free Cup Royal Blue shade

    Satsuma Free Cup | Royal Blue shade-AOHANA SUDARE

    This earthen Satsuma Free cup Royal Blue shade is crafted and painted by hand one by one.

    This is available for any drinks. This flower and white touch gives you an authentic impression and relaxing time.

    Please take this into your daily life.

    not rated £162.99