Gokotsusen Fans are considered the most traditional in Japanese Culture – the Gokotsusen folding fan is handcrafted using centuries of knowledge and technique, with premium, delicate fabrics and materials. Gokotsusen Fans are often crafted to display family crests and sigils – a sign of respect and Japanese heritage.

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  • Decorative Interior Hand Fan | Autumn & Sakura-GOKOTSUSEN

    This exquisite interior hand fan is an entirely luxury ornament that has been expertly handcrafted using centuries of experience. The delicate design features a well-recognised symbol of Japan’s beautiful nature, the beautiful blossom. This is a set with the stand. So you can display this in your room easily.


    not rated £678.99
  • White Egret and Autumnal Grass Gokotsusen

    Decorative Interior Hand Fan | White Egret & Autumnal Grass GOKOTSUSEN

    The White Egret and Autumnal Grass Gokotsusen is an ultra-luxury ornament expertly handcrafted using centuries of experience – from the ornamental lacquered bamboo rods, to the authentic gold leaf paper used to craft the piece. This is truly one of a kind and is only worthy of the most special owners.


    not rated £606.99