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  • snowflake motif pendant

    Sterling Silver Forge Large Pendant | Snowflake Motif

    Two beautiful sizes are available in this snowflake motif pendant that has been handcrafted by one of our silverware makers, this piece can also be used as a locket  to store things in as both sides open up.


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  • checkered square pattern

    Sterling Silver Forge Necklace | Checkered Square Pattern

    This piece of silverware has been crafted with an expert eye and the finest materials. This checkered square pattern pendant is a square shape and has been engraved using special tools by the makers.



    not rated £169.99
  • necklace snowflake motif

    Sterling Silver Forge Small Necklace | Snowflake Motif

    This sterling silver necklace snowflake motif has been handcrafted by a professional silversmith in Japan for you to enjoy wearing.


    not rated £159.99
  • hollyhock pattern necklace

    Sterling Silver Forge Necklace | Hollyhock Pattern

    This hollyhock pattern necklace of silverwork has been crafted by one of our talented makers in Japan and is made with an adjustable chain to fit your size meaning that this suitable for everyone to wear.


    not rated £159.99
  • Japanese Arabesque & Red Agate necklace

    Sterling Silver Forge Necklace | Japanese Arabesque & Red Agate

    This eye-shaped, Japanese Arabesque & Red Agate necklace is unique and delicate in design with the swirling shapes, the pattern is called “KAEAHANA”. This piece has been crafted in kyoto by one of the Atelier Japan makers.


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  • Sold

    Sterling Silver Forge Necklace | Rose Charm

    Since the 1790s, and over seven generations, Kazariya-Ryo have worked as craftsmen of metallic ornaments in Kyoto. Within their metalcraft workshop, Kazariya-Ryo currently produce a range of items, such as tea sets and incense tools, using various metals of gold, silver, and copper. In 1900, the precise technology of 4th generation Takezuro became well-renowned both in Japan and overseas which led them to be given the name of “Chikuei-Do Eisin” by the Prince of Arisugawa-no-miya, a member of the Imperial Family of Japan. Since then, the name Chikuei-Do Eisin has lasted throughout the generations of Kazariya-Ryo through to the current seventh generation, Chikuei-Do Kaei.

    not rated £134.99
  • Rabbit on the moon necklace

    Sterling Silver Forge Necklace | Rabbit on the Moon

    This sterling silver Rabbit on the moon necklace design follows the traditional Japanese story of the rabbit on the moon. Its handcrafted chain is 5cm adjustable to fit most neck sizes.


    not rated £125.55
  • Chrysanthemum necklace

    Sterling Silver Forge Necklace | Chrysanthemum

    Ths sterling silver Chrysanthemum necklace features an intricate chrysanthemum design and can be worn for any occasion. Chrysanthemum “Kiku” is an auspicious flower which is used for Japanese emperor family crest historically and believed it as life extension.



    not rated £119.99
  • Caryophyllaceae necklace

    Sterling Silver Forge Necklace | Caryophyllaceae

    Our Caryophyllaceae necklace is made from sterling silver by one of our makers in Kyoto using the fretwork technique.This pattern has the meaning of [Love].
    Order yours to add this beautiful representation of Japanese nature and style.


    not rated £119.99
  • cherry blossom necklace

    Sterling Silver Forge Necklace | Cherry Blossom

    Ths silver cherry blossom necklace features an intricate Sakura design. and Sakura is the symbolic flower of Japan.No matter the occasion, this piece will add a statement to any outfit.


    not rated £119.99
  • sterling silver necklace

    Sterling Silver Necklace | Amethyst

    The beautiful bright purple colour that is placed at the centre of the necklace is what really makes this stunningly handcrafted sterling silver necklace standout. This sterling silver necklace can be worn with any outfit to make it more beautiful.

    not rated £85.55