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  • handcrafted amethyst earrings

    Sterling Silver Earrings | Amethyst

    With its bright and vibrant purple tone, these earrings have been made with amethyst and a base of silver and are calved into a flower shape to create an elegant effect, perfect for pairing with any outfit.

    not rated £99.99
  • cracked crystal necklace

    Sterling Silver Earrings | Cracked Crystal

    These earrings are one of the most unique pieces on Atelier Japan and are made from luxury sterling silver, they are dressed with a cracked crystal in the centre to finish off this beautiful flower shape. This cracked crystal necklace has been carefully made at the heart of Japan in Kyoto by one of our expert makers that use skills passed down from their family, and skills that they will pass down to their children.


    not rated £99.99
  • arabesque pattern earrings

    Sterling Silver Earrings | Japanese Arabesque Pattern

    The arabesque pattern earrings are seen as a sign of beauty in Japan and are made from the finest sterling silver by the talented makers here at Atelier Japan.

    not rated £109.99
  • silver hoop earrings

    Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings | Bamboo motif

    These handcrafted Japanese bamboo sterling silver hoop earrings are made of only the best quality using the finest silver to create the most beautiful product possible. These silver hoop earrings would go nicely with any outfit to create a unique style.


    not rated £199.99
  • sterling silver crane earrings

    Sterling Silver Forge Earrings | Crane

    Browse our beautifully crafted collections for gift inspiration like these delicate sterling silver crane earrings, they are a perfect something for a perfect someone. These stunning earrings are a solid representation of the traditional Japanese origami crane earrings and have been crafted using silver and gold parts.


    not rated £79.99
  • hexagonal bamboo earrings

    Sterling Silver Forge Earrings | Hexagonal Bamboo

    These expertly handcrafted hexagonal bamboo earrings have been made from sterling silver to ensure that they are created to the best quality possible and are a beautiful representation of Japanese nature, these earrings have been crafted with an expert eye and years of experience passed down by our maker’s families.


    not rated £199.99
  • Moon & Bat earrings

    Sterling Silver Forge Earrings | Moon & Bat

    These Moon & Bat earrings are a beautiful scene of the bats flying in the night sky, the way the moon’s chipped and the shape of the bat is slightly different between the right and the left side.
    Because it is handmade, the shape of the bat and the moon is made every time It changes with the image.



    not rated £99.99
  • handcrafted silver earrings

    Sterling Silver Forge Earrings | Goldfish

    These handcrafted silver earrings feature a design of goldfish which is said to make you think of summer when you see them and the lilypads have been perfectly polished for the chain.



    not rated £99.99
  • silver forge sakura earrings

    Sterling Silver Forge Earrings | Sakura Pink

    Perfect for any occasion, these delicate soft pink silver forge sakura earrings are a wonderful representation of Japan’s iconic cherry blossom and are made by our very own Atelier makers.


    not rated £69.99
  • Sakura white earrings

    Sterling Silver Forge Earrings | Sakura White

    These amethyst silver forge Sakura white earrings are handmade in Kyoto in the shape of the traditional Sakura cherry blossom which is the flower of Japan and is a very respected flower in Japanese culture.


    not rated £69.99
  • white bellflower earrings

    Sterling Silver Forge Earrings | White Bellflower

    These white bellflower earrings are delicate and sweet in design with accents of pink and purple in the centre of each flower and also lies a shimmer of gold for the final touch.
    White bellflower has the meaning of [Gratitude] [sincerity] and [fun chatter].


    not rated £69.99
  • sterling silver red clematis earrings

    Sterling Silver Earrings | Red Clematis

    With a pop of bright red, these earrings are truly beautiful and are topped off with a stunning centrepiece and flecks of gold flakes to really add the luxury feel.


    not rated £75.55