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  • Silver Orb-shaped kettle pot

    Fine Pure Silver Tea Pot | Precious Orb type


    Our best selling refined Silver Orb-shaped kettle pot is handcrafted to perfection by one of our talented silversmiths for you to enjoy when making your perfect blend of Matcha tea with the handle being woven with fine bamboo as this is not a conductor of heat and will protect your hands from an uncomfortable circumstance. This is our best selling piece as it is one of a kind and takes the longest to make.


    not rated £15,999.00
  • refined silver vase

    Pure Silver Hand Jug or Vase | Square Type-Mizusashi

    This refined silver vase has a unique shape that assimilates traditional Japanese design. The metallic finish of the vase will create a striking feature in any style of home.

    not rated £15,999.00
  • Pure Silver Vase

    Pure Silver Vase | Square Type-Syakutate

    This piece is made from pure silver by one of our talented makers using only the finest materials and is used as a traditional Japanese water server for special occasions.

    not rated £7,155.99
  • refined silver vase with a square top

    Pure Silver Hand Water Container | Square Type

    Our refined silver vase with a square top and rounded body is beautifully handcrafted by our makers in Kyoto and used as a container for water to be stored in. You can also use this refined silver vase with a square top for other uses of storage too.


    not rated £3,699.99
  • Pure Silver Sake Server

    Pure Silver Sake Server | Gourd Shaped

    Just one of our best selling pure silver gourd shaped Sake server is made to perfection for you and your family to enjoy. This gourd shaped Sake server has been crafted by one of our skilled makers in Japan. This gourd shaped Sake server can also be bought for use in restaurants and cafes to really give that traditional Japanese authentic feel. This particular sake server is made to last many years as it is hardwearing and can be passed down in generations still in the same perfect condition.



    not rated £2,255.99
  • silver diamond shaped serving dishes

    Pure Silver Serving Dishes(set of 5) | Diamond Shape


    Our refined silver diamond shaped serving dishes come in a 5 piece set ensuring that there is enough to use when inviting family over, each piece is carefully engraved with one of the traditional Japanese flowers. These silver diamond shaped serving dishes have been perfectly handcrafted by one of our makers in Japan. These silver diamond shaped serving dishes have pointed edges so that they have a square design.


    not rated £2,255.00
  • Pure Silver Incense Container

    Pure Silver Incense Container | Orb White

    Our refined silver incense container has been handcrafted in the colour white as this is the colour of purity and in Japan and countries around the world, incense is burned to clear the air from evil and keep it as pure as possible. This Pure Silver Incense Container has been crafted using the highest quality of materials.



    not rated £1,999.99
  • Pure Silver Incense Container

    Pure Silver Incense Container | Pink

    This carefully designed piece can be used to store incense inside ensuring that it will not lose any of its precious smell, the holder has a stunning finish with a slight pink tone that offsets the silver.

    not rated £1,999.99
  • Sake

    Pure Silver Hand Sake Cup | Gourd Shaped

    A perfect way to have your beautifully made Sake is to drink it from our pure silver Sake cup and additionally, this piece can be used as a cup to have your traditional Matcha from, just always remember that it is a conductor of heat, therefore, a cold alternative of Matcha would be more of the sensible approach.


    not rated £655.99