Japanese Weapons: Defense and combat

When it comes to Japanese weapons, most envision a warrior or samurai with a sword and not just any sword, but the world-renowned Japanese katana – a curved blade engineered for fighting with supreme efficiency. However, Japan’s ancient warriors also … Read More

Japanese Craft: An ancient history

Japanese craft has a long and traditional history throughout Japan. Included in Japanese craft are handicraft, a sometimes more precisely expressed as artisanal handmade craft style, that includes a wide variety of useful and decorative objects all of which are … Read More

Japanese Lacquerware: Intricate ancient craft

Japanese lacquerware is a Japanese craft used within a wide range of fine and decorative arts. Japanese lacquerware is crafted from a deep and shiny lustre of black or red, and is sometimes adorned with a gold leaf or mother-of-pearl … Read More

Marukyu Koyamaen Matcha: Award-winning matcha

Over the last few years, matcha has recently become a highly established ingredient in the modern Western culinary and beverage world and is now well known globally due to its powerful health benefits. However, this unique blend dates back nearly … Read More