Cat Cafes: Finding a furry friend

Cat cafes, also known as Neko Cafes, are a type of Japanese coffee shop where people can play with cats that roam freely around the venue. Cat cafes can be found in most major cities in Japan; they are often … Read More

Japanese Flowers: A bespoke identity

Throughout history, Japanese flowers have been used as a form of unspoken communication. This art of using Japanese flowers to communicate is known as hanakotoba, where Japanese flowers and plants are given codes and passwords that are meant to convey … Read More

Japanese Masks: A unique identity

Japan is famous for its impressive theatre and performance, both of which often incorporate the use of unique Japanese masks. Along with often being used in theatre, traditional Japanese masks are mainly decorative and are usually available to purchase at … Read More

Japanese Instruments: The sound of Japan’s history

There are a whole host of traditional Japanese instruments used to play Japan’s traditional selections of music. Traditional Japanese instruments are musical instruments often used in the traditional and folk music of Japan. They comprise a range of string, wind, … Read More