Japanese Gardens: The significance of aesthetics

Japanese gardens are often affiliated with the natural and botanical culture that the Japanese embrace. Japanese gardens are made to reflect a small landscape with its basic principle being to create harmony and balance. The oldest Japanese text based on … Read More

Japanese Silver: Trading over time

Although Japanese silver has been used in Japan internally since the earliest periods of Japan’s history, the precious metal became most prominent in terms of external trade and industry in the 16th-18th centuries. After having imported silver from China until … Read More

Japanese Myths and Legends: An ancient approach

Japan, like many other countries and cultures, has a rich and mysterious tradition of Japanese Myths and Legends passed down from generation to generation. As is true of any myth, the stories often have different versions and can contrast hugely. … Read More

Japanese Business Etiquette: Building bridges overseas

Overview Japanese Business Etiquette is quite separate from others, even from those in neighbouring countries in North East Asia.  Amongst themselves there is a clear Japanese Business Etiquette in terms of hierarchical structure and coded behaviour for interaction. The most … Read More